Affiliated Companies + agents

Being part of the Ferrostaal Group, CCC Machinery can take full advantage of the group’s network.

Ferrostaal holds investments in a large number of affiliated companies in Germany and overseas. Apart from working through and in co-operation with the international network of Ferrostaal’s affiliated companies overseas CCC co-operate with a number of business partners resp. agents in various countries:


Agents for Machines, Plant, Technical Products and Raw Materials in


  • Capitalhill Securities Ltd.
  • Jos Capital Consult Ltd.
  • Zózimo Manuel Henriques


  • PT. Ferrostaal Indonesia
  • Ferrostaal Mongolia Co. Ltd.
  • Business Connection BD
  • Convitro GmbH
  • Hardjonosigit Budiono
  • Indra Karona Ketaren
  • Matec Maschinen & Technik, Inc.
  • Mitracom Co. Ltd.
  • Propertree Co., Ltd.
  • Seung W. Choi
  • TAP - Tanjung Alam Pratama (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  • TAP - Capital (Asia) Pte Ltd.


  • OOO Ferrostaal, Moskau
  • OET Goldex Finance GmbH
  • Karl-Heinz Hartmann
  • Marina Frank Consulting International Network
  • MDN Company
  • SPF Sankt Petersburger Forum GmbH


  • Ferrostaal A.Ş.
  • Esra Aytekin

Latin America:

  • CCC Machinery Uruguay Ltda.
  • Ferrostaal Equipamentos e Solucoes Ltda.
  • Ferrostaal de Colombia Ltda.
  • Ferrostaal Perú S.A.C.
  • Angel Adrian Jimenez
  • Justus Consulting Ltda.
  • Miguel Garro
  • NuBanca Corp.
  • PML Petersen Matex Importação e Exportção Ltda.
  • Sumyt Caribbean Ltd.