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Workshops and Laboratories

Whether your plant or factory is already operating or still on the drawing boards, you can't afford to be without a complete and efficient Repair and Maintenance Shop and/or Laboratory.

Without workshop your output is vulnerable to plant breakdown, production cut-backs and losses. We are specialized in repair and maintenance shops and our team has extensive experience for more than 20 years in this field. We...

  • have extensive know-how in all aspects, from planning up to training of operating personnel;
  • plan and engineer using modern CAD-systems;
  • source equipment globally;
  • know your needs for a complete, cost-effective workshop;
  • take care of local needs and specialties of your project;
  • train your personnel for maximum efficiency;
  • provide management support;
  • arrange financing;
  • offer advice in rationalizing your maintenance function.


No matter what your specific combination of needs are, we...


Workshops for any Type of Industrial Plants

  • execute the work on a project basis
  • evaluate bids for the equipment needed
  • carry out basic and detail engineering
  • provide testing and inspection of equipment
  • provide itemized tagging and packing
  • deliver the necessary equipment
  • prepare the OM-manuals
  • prepare the spare parts manuals
  • train the operation personnel
  • provide assembly supervisors and commissioning personnel
  • delegate management personnel as needed
  • Railway Workshops
  • Mass Rapid Workshops
  • Instrumentation and calibration Workshops
  • Laboratories
  • Mechanical Maintenance Workshops
  • Electric/Electronic Workshops
  • Training Workshops
  • Vehicle Maintenance Workshops
  • Material and Spare Parts Stores
  • Tool Rooms
  • Wood Working Workshops
  • Mobile Workshops