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Investment financing

CCC Machinery offers hard currency loans for creditworthy buyers thus offering additional credit facilities.

Our customers have 180 days for raw materials and consumables and 2 up to 10 years for capital investments - depending on creditworthiness, kind of investment and size of the business - to repay the loan(s) granted at competitive interest rates and often with terms more favorable than those available in their own country. Details have to be discussed and agreed upon on a case-to-case-basis.

Foreign buyer financing is normally available for export transactions of min. EURO 1 million, although CCC Machinery is prepared to consider smaller transactions on a case-by-case basis. We do not apply maximum transaction size limits, although Export Finance for exports larger than Euro 50 million may involve syndications with multiple lenders.

Whether large corporations, middle-market companies, or smaller business foreign buyers - in general all are eligible for international Export Finance, as long as their credit history and financial ratios satisfy our and our underwriters' criteria.